Active Participant


Active Participants

The APs provide managerial guidance that is essential to the success of Bricklayer. The collective APs are tasked with developing, enhancing, operating, and promoting the DAO. APs fulfill a managerial role and are expected to validate introductions and undertake tasks to improve the value of the Treasury. Furthermore, selected APs will be democratically voted in and reviewed annually by the DAO.

Denis Leontievsky


Jorey Bernstein

Strategic Investor

Edy Haddad

Technical Advisor

Illy Leontievsky


Edward Prescott

Investor Relations

Mark Addison


Chris Tyrer

VA Consultancy

Andy Sih

Fund Operator

Tyler Healy

AI Consultancy

Dan Whitmore

Real Estate (APAC)

Matthew Hopkins

Real Estate (APAC)

Paul Steele

Real Estate (APAC)

James Boothroyd

RE Asset Management

Peter Ainscough

Real Estate (EMEA)

Nick Prescott

Real Estate (NA)

Melvin Visser